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Brew Survey allows you to create surveys & feedback forms that are beautiful, intuitive and are loved by your customers. Brew Survey App is a mobile survey & feedback solution. You can capture feedback from anywhere, even offline. Design your own surveys from our dashboard and publish it to your devices to get real-time insights.Brew Survey allows you to collect feedback from your customers on Android phones & tablets. It is designed intelligently to provide consistent user experience on mobile phones & tablets. You can create surveys in multi-screen (one question per screen) presentation format. This helps customers to focus on the question at hand and also allows you to brand survey with your logo.Features:

* Remotely manage surveys and results from the dashboard* Customized feedback forms* Add your own logo to create custom branding for the surveys* 9+ types of questions to choose from and option to make question mandatory* Custom start screen with survey name, description and logo* Auto feedback submission when customers leaves the survey midway* Export responses in CSV* Supports portrait and landscape mode across all devices* Get survey results in real-time on the dashboard* Advance survey performance analytics like average time to complete survey, survey completion ratio, GPS locations of responses collected etc. * In offline survey mode collect data and securely sync it when device get an internet connectionHOW IT WORKS

Step 1 : Install Brew Survey - Offline Feedback App & signup with your corporate email Id.Step 2 : Visit brewsurvey.com and Login into your account.Step 3 : Create Survey online, publish them to your devices & collect unlimited responses.Step 4 : Analyze responses and monitor survey performance in real-time.Areas of Use:

1. Customer Feedback Surveys2. Market Research3. Customer Satisfaction Surveys4. Offline Survey Data Collection


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